Growing Different Species Brains in Flat Worms

From the International Journal of Molecular Science : “Gap Junctional Blockade Stochastically Induces Different Species-Specific Head Anatomies in Genetically Wild-Type Girardia dorotocephala Flatworms Abstract The shape of an animal body plan is constructed from protein components encoded by the genome. However, bioelectric networks composed of many cell types have their own intrinsic dynamics, and can […]

Epigenetics and Aging

From Science Magazine : “Abstract Over the past decade, a growing number of studies have revealed that progressive changes to epigenetic information accompany aging in both dividing and nondividing cells. Functional studies in model organisms and humans indicate that epigenetic changes have a huge influence on the aging process. These epigenetic changes occur at various […]

Startup Societies: Laboratories of innovation

From the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies : “Never before in recorded history have humans navigated our daily lives with such ease. The technology we use┬ádaily, much of which has been produced in the recent past, has opened the floodgates of possibility for human potential. Unfortunately, this convenience has┬ánot been extended across the board, […]