External Resources

Here is a collection of free and “free” reading material from across the web. With this knowledge, you should be able to sufficiently take on any plans and schemes you have.

Online Libraries and Collections

Leaning a New Language

Learning to Program

  • Codeacademy, A great starting place for many program languages.
  • Hackerrank, Once you’ve done the basics, this website is excellent for the transition from beginner to intermediate skills.
  • Code, Another beginners coding site.
  • Treehouse, For beginner and intermediate programmers. Costs 25$ a month.
  • SoloLearn, A multi platform code learning app. Free, indepth, and consise. My favourite.

Online Classes, Courses, Lectures

  • Khan Academy, Well rounded education from elementary school to university level.
  • Coursera, Full university level courses and the accompanying work.
  • Udacity, Just like coursera, it’s quite good.
  • EDX, Just like coursera and Udacity.
  • MIT Open Courseware, A collection of university lectures from MIT.
  • High Brow, A 5 minute lesson everyday on a diverse set of introductory topics.
  • Skill Share, 200 free lessons, the rest are pay.
  • Lynda, A pay site, but if you are in college or university you may have a log in.
  • Udemy, A pay site.
  • Creative Live, A pay site.
  • Curious, A pay site.
  • Learnist, Pay by lesson.


Personal Health and Fitness

  • Cooking for engineers, No matter your goals, it is important to maintain you physical health through diet.
  • Nerd Fitness, Explicit methods for exercise.
  • Spreeder, Another tool to help you learn to speed read.
  • Investopedia, Learn to manage your money and develop some financial power.

New Ideas

  • TED, a large collection of talks given by experts.
  • TopDocumentaryFilms, A large collection of documentaries to help expand base knowledge.

Planning & Workflow tools

  • Draw.io, an excellent online application for developing netword diagrams, flow charts, etc..

Odds & Ends

  • CIA factbook, the CIA’s world factbook, useful for learning about other countries before travel.
  • How stuff works, Exactly what it sounds like.
  • Mind Tools, A set of tools from efficiency, to problem solving.
  • Canva, A tool for easily creating infografics.
  • Draw Space, Learn to draw with PDF lessons